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169S Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser
Model: CAST-169S
Clicks: 10023
Update: 2014/10/18 14:28:27

Essential oil aroma diffuser

Main function
1.Humidify,purify, aromatherapy, decorate,beautify function.
2.Drop in water and essential oil or perfume make a very comfortable place.
3.Keep your skin moist and refill your energy.
4.Colorful LED can be used as a beautiful light for the room.

Unique Feature:
1.Main Material: PP(unique strong corrosion resistance of oils and perfume)
2.Different working time can be set.(180min/120min/60min/keep working)
3.Auto power-off when time is up or no water.(very safe and advanced)
4.Ultra silent design.(no voice when working)
5.Special water-proof material on PCB
5.Different pretty colours,your designs can be customized.
6.LED colour control: both auto and manual control. Auto model when turn on the light, press the button again is manual control model(one press one color)
7.Have CE,FCC and RoHs certificates.

1.led lights: 7 (7 colors: high and low/blue,red,green,white,yellow,purple)
2.Weight: about 600g Size: 168mm(diameter)*181mm(Height)
3.Water capacity: 500ml
4.Mist control: strong and weak
5.Duration time: 8 hours for strong mist, 10 hours for weak mist
6.Input power: AC100~240V 50/60Hz→ adapter →DC 24V 650mA→ diffuser
7.Rated Electricity Consumption:13W Vibration frequence: 2.4MHz 8.Vibration frequency: about 2.4MHz
9.Applicable Area: About 30-40 Square meters.
10.Length of the adapter line: about 170cm
11.Accessories: AC adapter,user manual,water cup.                   

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