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Ultrasonic Mist Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser (great for travel or small rooms)

This small and lovely aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for traveling or for small rooms, like an office or bedroom.  

It features a color-changing nightlight feature that creates a tranquil effect. (The rotating colors can also be turned off.) Pure essential oils and clean water are broken into minute particles using ultrasonic technology and delivered as a fine mist through an opening at the top of the machine.  It is nice and quiet, has 3 output levels, and is very easy to take care of. This electric aroma diffuser uses regular tap water and lasts a few hours before a refill is needed. You only need to use a few drops of pure essential oils . UL and CUL Approved DC adapter safely converts 120 volt power to a low 24 VDC from standard wall socket.

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